We supply raw material for the following products

Road Infrastructure

Construction of roads using   rubber crumb binder improves the quality of the road.

Rubber Products

Mixed with a binder, our rubber   crumb can be used to create a   variety of rubber products such   as ramps, speed humps, gym mats,   livestock matting and many more   products.

Soft fall playground surfaces

This product is aesthetically pleasing   and adds a layer of safety to children’s   playgrounds. As well as being a low   maintenance solution, the surface is   also porous making it perfect for   outdoor playgrounds.

Sports Surfaces

Recycled rubber is used on many   sporting surfaces from the synthetic   grass surfaces to the running tracks.


The use of recycled rubber in   construction is growing, particularly   in areas with high seismic activity. It is   also used in tile glue to allow surfaces   to move independent of the tile to   avoid cracking over time. 

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